Traveling Overseas

Traveling Overseas With Your Pet

Are you planning to travel with your pet overseas?

The key to a successful trip or move is knowledge far enough in advance so there is ample time to schedule veterinary services (exams, vaccinations, microchipping, Health Certificates, lab work, etc. )

Relocating pets overseas can be a complicated process and requires specialized documentation. Many times multiple office visits may be necessary to fulfill a foreign nation’s health requirements.

For example, the airlines and all states require a Health Certificate to be issued within 10 days of departure for pets flying with owners in the passenger cabin. The Health Certificate will be good for up to 30 days. Every country has its own requirements such as rabies antibody testing for entry or quarantine periods of varying lengths.

Some countries will only accept pets at certain airports within its boarders. Europe requires an EU Pet Passport which is numbered for identification purposes and requires pets to be microchipped with certain standards.

Check With Consulate Office

Because the standards change frequently and each country requires different procedures, Case Veterinary Hospital asks that the client consult with a consulate office of the country they are traveling to regarding restrictions before making the initial appointment. Please let the receptionist know that you will be traveling with your pet and have reviewed the requirements.

That way, they can notify the attending veterinarian ahead of your arrival so they can be prepared to handle your special needs. An online directory of companies that ship all types of animals can be found at the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association website.

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